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SANDING Arc 5 Lite - 2” Total Station

SANDING Arc 5 Lite - 2” Total Station
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SANDING Arc 5 Lite - 2” Total Station
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  • Model: Arc 5 Lite - 2”
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The SANDING Arc 5 total station is the introductory proposal of SANDING in the range of modern and high-capacity geodetic stations. It has an easy-to-use and quite familiar menu, filled with features that will satisfy even the most demanding user.

With more than 8 consecutive hours of operation (with full screen lighting and open laser pointer) it certainly won't leave any pending tasks for the next day.

It is rugged and compact, and by utilising a very ergonomic layout it will exceed  your expectations during usage!

Book a demonstration today, and find out why Arc 5 succeeds in the most difficult environments! 

Arc 5 lite

  • Distance with prism:
  • Distance without prism:
  • Compensator:
  • Data exchange:

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