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Re-Lease 12-600 12-month leasing

This program called Re-Lease 12 allows you to lease a full set of GNSS receiver ( with rugged android device, software and pole) for a period of 12 months.

More specifically, Re-Lease 12-600 offers you a 12-month leasing plan for the e-survey E600H IMU GNSS receiver and a rugged smartphone.

The rental is deposited monthly, and the cost is equal to 14,00€ per day, according to the following table:

Lease duration Daily cost € Initial deposit
3 months- (used only) 20,00 € / day 300,00 €
6 months 17,00 € / day 250,00 €
9 months 15,00 € / day
165,00 €
12 months 14,00 € / day
125,00 €

When the leasing period is over (and even while running) you can purchase the offered equipment. We do provide a discount according to the lease plan, by acknowledging a significant amount of the paid money as partial payment.

Advantages of leasing:

  1. You don't pay any significant amount of money, which would be needed in order to purchase the equipment.
  2. Rentel costs add-up to your expenses, saving you money from taxes.
  3. You choose the duration of the leasing according to your needs (limitations apply). 
  4. By the end (or until the end) of the leasing period, you have the solid option to purchase the provided equipment.

The price shown at the product is the initial deposit only.

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