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Tru35 UHF Radio

Tru35 UHF Radio
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Tru35 UHF Radio
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E-survey radio modems provide reliable data communications for mission-critical applications where a combination of stability, supreme performance and long range are required.

The TRU35 is a high-power, small-size and half-duplex external radio designed with advanced 32-bit cortex M4 microcontroller technology, wireless transceiver RF technology, and digital communication technology. It uses high-quality RF components, excellent EMC and EMI processing, housing and heatsink integrated molding technology, etc.

The TRU35 has the advantages of high transmission power, long transmission distance, integrated receiving and transmitting, convenient installation, simple use, high-cost performance, stability, and reliability.

►Configurable 10W – 30W power

►60 MHz Bandwidth Coverage

►Lightweight; only 1680g

►IP 67 for extra environmental protection


Integrated receiving and transmitting, half duplex, switch quickly.

Radio relay function, greatly improving the transmission distance

The TRU35 can transmit the received data through other frequency points, increasing the communication distance and extending the signal coverage.

Two-stage surge protection and reverse connection protection

The TRU35 uses two-stage surge to protect the external radio from damage when the instantaneous input voltage or current exceeds the normal range. The positive and negative poles are reversed and the external radio will not be damaged.

Standing-wave detection protection

The TRU35 uses standing-wave detection protection to prevent damage to the instrument caused by long-time open circuits and short circuits.

Thermal protection

The TRU35 can adjust the transmit power adaptively. When the temperature of the instrument is too high, the power is automatically reduced, when the temperature of the instrument is lowered, the power is automatically increased to ensure that the instrument is always in a stable power range and will not be damaged by overheating.

Protection level: IP67

Integrated molding case, high efficiency of heat conduction and good heat dissipation

Bluetooth configuration and Bluetooth data link function

The TRU35 can configure and set its mode, protocol, air baud rate, frequency, high and low power through Bluetooth and handheld terminal, also can collect RTK data through Bluetooth, and then send out by radio.

Standard 16 receiving and transmitting channels, user can configure according to the situation

With high transmission power, the transmission distance can reach 14 kilometers (depending on the height of the base station and the surrounding environment)

Frequency range 410MHz-470MHz
Operating mode Half Duplex HDX
Channel spacing 25KHz
Modulation type GMSK
Operation voltage 10.8-15V
Power dissipation (Typical) High power level(30W) 75W@DC 12.5V
Low power level(10W) 45W@DC 12.5V
Standby 1.5W@DC 12.5V
Frequency stability ≤±1.0ppm
Sensitivity Surpass -116dBm@BER 10-5,9600bps
Modulation band 12dB
Barrage jamming 70dB
Adjacent channel selectivity >52dB@25KHz
Stray interference immunity >55dB
RF output power 10w/30w(input voltage: 12.5V)
RF power stability ±1dB

Dimensions 165.5×125.5x80mm
Weight 1680g

Operation Temperature -30℃ ~+65℃
Storage Temperature -55℃ ~+85°C
Water/Dust Proof IP 67
Humidity 100% condensing

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