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WaterNET - water utilities software

WaterNET - water utilities software
WaterNET - water utilities software
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WaterNET-CAD is a complete hydraulic network analysis and design software within autonomous CAD environment. Includes design functionalities for sewer, vacuum sewer, water distribution and stormwater network facilities. It covers all design stages by producing detailed design drawings and reports for BOQs.

►Autonomous software – standalone application

►Design for sewers, and water utilities

►Automatic subcatchment division

►Multiple networks in single project

►EPANET and SWMM hydraulic calculation

►Autodesk Powered CAD environment

►Quantities measurements

►Quick manage of large networks

►Support from engineers

►Continuing education *

►Permanent license

WaterNET-CAD – water utilities software

  • Αutomatic basin calculation. The program automatically calculates the distribution of polygons (basins) in the pipes using the dichotomous (roof) method.
  • Quick calculations and management even of large networks
  • Reliable hydraulic calculations using EPANET and SWMM hydraulic calculation. Compatibility with * .inp files
  • 3D terrain models. If the terrain model is to be changed in the future (eg adding additional pavement layers) each surface can be organized and the grid can be designed for all future situations.
  • Tables of quantities and hydraulic calculations.

Network Construction

Easily import field measurements from Total Station or GPS with text files. The program produces the pipeline construction drawings from the topographic points measured in the field.

Define work areas for grouping quantities and construction plans (horizontal, profile, cross-sections) per work during the project construction phase.

Grouping quantities in print boards by material.

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