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Brand: diolkos3D Model: Diolkos
DIOLKOS is a complete and autonomous road design software. It covers all the cases of road design projects including highways, local and collector roads (at urban or rural regions), roads inside forest areas,  multiple road projects such as intersections, motorways with service roads etc.With D..
Ex Tax:1,500.00€
Brand: diolkos3D Model: Fast-Terrain
Simple and powerfull software for TIN models and quantities estimation within autonomous CAD environment. Integrates very sophisticated triangulation and contours computation algorithms including functionallity for breaklines, boundaries, surface editing as well as ritch utilities for quantities est..
Ex Tax:250.00€
Brand: diolkos3D Model: WaterNet-CAD
WaterNET-CAD is a complete hydraulic network analysis and design software within autonomous CAD environment. Includes design functionalities for sewer, vacuum sewer, water distribution and stormwater network facilities. It covers all design stages by producing detailed design drawings and reports fo..
Ex Tax:2,500.00€
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