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Nautiz X6 rugged device & SurPad 4.0 field software

Nautiz X6 rugged device & SurPad 4.0 field software
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Nautiz X6 rugged device & SurPad 4.0 field software
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  • Model: Nautiz X6 & SurPad 4.0
  • Weight: 2.00kg
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This one comes with SurPad 4.0 pre-installed and pre-activated, with a life-time (permanent) license. Take advantage of the bundle promotion today and save up to 50,00€!

If you could take the high-visibility functionality of a tablet and the go-anywhere performance of a rugged handheld and combine them, you’d end up with one device that could take you through your workday with ease.

Fortunately for you, this latest technology solution already exists: it’s the Nautiz X6 ultra-rugged Android phablet.

NAUTIZ X6 Android Phablet is ideal for rough applications like surveying and GIS, Warehousing, Logistics, Field service, Utilities etc. it combines the best of a conventional tablet and a traditional rugged handheld in a single device.

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