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ProgeCAD BIM Architecture 2014

ProgeCAD BIM Architecture 2014
ProgeCAD BIM Architecture 2014
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Easy-to-use for AutoCAD or progeCAD users and 100% DWG compatible

Either in 3D or 2D view, progeCAD Architecture provides you with intelligent and parametric object libraries to design your buildings, exteriors and interiors: walls, windows, doors, stairs, balconies, roofs… You just have to pick a shape and modify its dimensions.

Editing your 3D project is as easy as a double-click on the element to define the dimensions you want to modify

Drag and drop the element to change its position.

►EASY 3D with intelligent parametric objects

►AutoCAD®-friendly: the same native file format, the similar look and feel

►2 SOFTWARE IN 1: This architectural software includes all the standard CAD features and the familiar CAD environment, therefore you can use it for general CAD drafting as well as a powerful BIM design tool.

►Very easy and fast 3D Design with intelligent parametric objects and extensive libraries. You just pick a shape and enter its dimensions.

►Create 3D stairs and roofs in a few clicks

►Get automatically all the 2D drawings and views from a 3D model : floor plans, elevations, perspective views, cross-sections… and keep them updated in real-time!

►Low-cost yet powerful!

 ProgeCAD BIM Architecture Strong points:

  • DWG compatibility combined with the innovative BIM approach (Building Information Modeling)
  • The advanced BIM structure to continuously update your project drawings (sections, views, perspectives, etc) maintaining any intervention made by the user (insertion of library items, text, annotation, etc)
  • An approach similar to Revit® or Archicad®
  • Projects interchange with other BIM software through an IFC file
  • Faster rendering performance on OpenGL <b>,  real-time virtual tours of a rendered model
  • The enhanced roof modeler with unlimited options to design any type of roof structure and to add components such as attics, lofts, skylights, inclined openings and many others
  • Intelligent design allowing to create even more building elements (e.g. chimneys, pergolas and others)
  • Significant improvements regarding architectural design refinements (e.g. smart automatic unions between building objects only if necessary, optional hiding of  wall/slab lines on views or sections, object definition through polylines in every dialog, etc), and topographic design (fully automatic creation of triangles to create a ground model)
  • 2D and 3D Block Libraries
  • Automatic dimensioning, 3D furniture libraries and walkthrough videos, bill of materials, 3D ground generation and excavation

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